Donate Towels and Blankets to Pets

Hill dog walkers collect items for pet shelter

Black dog sits on couch with pillow. Dog is wearing red collar and Santa hat.
Donate your used towels or blankets to keep a pet snuggly this holiday season. Photo: Ruthcarol Touhey/Beasties LLC

Make the holidays warm and bright for the dogs and cats at the Humane Rescue Alliance (NY Ave Shelter) with your donation of old/used blankets and towels! 

The independent dog walkers of Capitol Hill are gathering donations to take to the shelter this December. If you have any blankets or towels you are replacing, they will pick them up and drop off at the shelter on December 22nd. Donations will be accepted until December 21st.

As you sort your guest towels this holiday, make a pile for the puppies.

Thank you for helping these needy animals stay warm this holiday season!

To arrange pickup or for additional information, please email