ANC 6D Report

A Plague of Dump Trucks


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D met on Jan. 13. Commissioners Gail Fast (6D01, Chair), Ronald Collins (6D03, Treasurer), Andy Litsky (6D04, Vice Chair), Edward Daniels (6D07), Anna Forgie (6D02), Fredrica D. Kramer (6D05) and Rhonda N. Hamilton (6D06, Secretary) attended.

The commission unanimously elected the following officers: Chair Fast, Vice Chair Litsky, Secretary Daniels and Treasurer Collins.

Construction Congestion
The commission asked representatives of The Wharf’s construction team to brief them on routing of construction traffic. Those present included Anchor Concrete, Vulcan Materials and Balfour Beatty, the general contractor on Wharf Phase 2. “We don’t want to have what we had last summer, when we were sucking on fumes for two months,” Vice Chair Litsky pointedly stated at the beginning of the meeting.

The Vice President of Balfour Beatty apologized to the commission referencing a recent weekend when Maine Avenue SW had been turned into a parking lot by dump trucks waiting to enter the construction site.

Unlike dump trucks that are operated by sole proprietors, cement trucks are organized as company fleets, Wharf representatives stated. Each are carefully tracked by GPS in order not to waste concrete, which has a limited lifespan. The concrete for the Wharf Phase 2 is sourced from a plant on Buzzard Point. The trucks are supposed to travel up north on South Capitol to I-695 and west to Seventh Street SW. Then south to the construction site. Empty trucks are supposed travel the same route in reverse, the representatives said.

Drivers are briefed on the approved trucking routes, Vulcan representatives stated. Maps are attached to the batch tickets.

Speaking directly to Vulcan, Vice Chair Litsky said, “I want a promise that your trucks will not go through residential Southwest. If we catch them there, there will be a battle,” he promised.

“I do not want to hear from my residents that your trucks are lining up on Maine Avenue before 7 a.m.,” Chair Fast added. Pointing out that the Phase 2 site was directly across from residential housing, she said, “I am not having it. I will urge Commissioner Litsky not to allow after-hours construction.”

Commission Hamilton criticized the operations of the Buzzard Point concrete plant. “Your operation is horrible. It contributes substantial particulate matter to the neighborhood’s air,” she said, demanding a substantial reduction in the plant’s air pollution.

“There are 12 active constructions sites in my SMD. There is no room for any more concrete trucks. Do not send a single truck into SMD 6D02,” stated Commissioner Forgie.

“We take pictures,” stated Commissioner Collins.

We can absolutely do better and we will,” responded the president of Balfour Beatty.

“This is no joke. We will shut you down. Don’t screw this up,” threatened Vice Chair Litsky.

The Passing of Coralie Farlee
Former ABC Committee Chair Coralie Farlee passed away, announced Chair Fast. Farlee had presided over the committee for more than eleven years. The commission paused for a moment of silence in her honor.

“It was a pleasure working for 11 years with Coralie. She always had it together. When she conducted her meetings with wiley liquor attorneys, they thought she was a little old lady, but they quickly discovered they were wrong,” said Vice Chair Litsky. “She was committed to Southwest, Riverpark and social equality,” stated Commissioner Kramer, her long time friend and immediate neighbor. “She was very self-effacing with great humility,” she further added.

Public Safety
Metropolitan Police Lieutenant George Donigan Jr. briefed the commission on public safety. Compared to last month, general thefts are down while automobile break-ins are up. There was also an increase in robberies. Several of these cases had been closed with a recent arrest. Donigan warned residents not to walk around with their cell phones out.

There was an arrest in the recent homicide on Third Street SW due to community cooperation. Another homicide on the 200 block of M Street SW was also closed with an arrest. While the Fall Crime Initiative has ended, the First District is committed to maintaining a similar force level due to its success, Donigan stated. “I want to congratulate you on the quick closure of so many cases,” said Chair Fast.

Other Matters
Jennifer Kulp from the DC Dept. of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) provided an overview of her department’s work including details on the Solar for All, Lead Line Replacement, Impervious Surface Assistance and Weatherization programs.

Representatives from the 11th Street Bridge Park briefed the commission on the state of the project, which is phase 2 of design. The DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) is expected to issue a Request for Proposals in 2020. Groundbreaking is projected for 2021 with the park opening in 2023. $115 of the $139 million needed to fund the project has been raised.

Treasurer Collins reported for FY20 Q1: balance forward of $41,459.56; total receipts of $4,770.76; total disbursements of $5,697.72 including $2,409.43 for office equipment; and a ending balance of $40,532.60.

The commissioners resolved to:

  • appoint Mike Repass (6DO1), Chris Thiemann (6D02), Travis Johnson (6D04), Melanie Clark (6D05), Gloria Hamilton (6D06) and Keara Mehlert (At-Large) to the ABC Subcommittee;
  • support the Purple Stride (June 8), Race4Peace (June 1), Marine Corps Marathon (Oct. 25), Herstory 5K (March 7), Police Week 5K (May 9) and Dc Bike Ride (May 16);
  • send a letter to DDOT asking for replacement signage on Delaware Avenue and Q Street SE;
  • send a letter to DOEE regarding continuing air quality concerns on Buzzard Point;
  • send a letter to the DC Council to place utilities under the same regime as construction regarding afterhours work and display active permits;
  • authorize Vice Chair Litsky to testify on the District Waterways Act;
  • support a liquor license and community agreement for Chopsmith, 11 District Sq., SW;
  • support a liquor license and community agreement for Momo, 1001 Fourth St. SW;
  • support the public space request by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Agency for curb cuts, a driveway landscaping and planters at its new headquarters at 300 Seventh St. SW.

ANC 6D’s next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Feb. 10 at 1100 Fourth St. SW. Visit for more information.