The Northeast Stars Montessori

NES Students Study Life Science


The Northeast Stars Montessori (NES) Preschool focus of study has been life science. Each week the children learned about a different category of life science.

The life science study included the four seasons of each year, the Earth’s rotation, the history of cherry blossoms, the life cycle of plants, and the study of seeds. The children painted their own individual creations of winter trees and cherry blossom trees. Bell peppers, apples, grape tomatoes, grape and yellow lentil seeds were examined and compared during the study of seeds. After the study, the children enjoyed a small feast of fruit!

The NES daily curriculum consistently includes practical and academic study. Since classes started after the holiday break, the students have practiced folding mats, lacing/tying shoes, and managing fasteners such as those on coats and shoes. They have also learned about the letter M, the calendar, identified numbers and the quantity associated with each number. The children have had a grand time learning and exploring practical tasks and life science.

Northeast Stars Montessori Preschools are located at 1325 Maryland Ave NE in Washington, DC and 697 North Washington St, in Alexandria, VA. Call 703-945-0408, visit or for more information. – Chaka Alexander.